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Looking for more good fantasy story titles?

Use Fantasy Book Title Generator Ms excel application to generate over 1000 magical book title ideas. Plus, create your own fantasy book title.

In fantasy stories, characters journey through mythical lands and kingdoms filled with magical creatures and epic myths, frequently spanning several books in a series. The heroes are usually proud warriors of solid morality. At the same time, the setting is often medieval, with horse-powered vehicles, pubs and taverns, no electricity, and other features of medieval age.

The plot usually centers around a quest of some sort, which is also typically hindered by an antagonist. As a genre, fantasy has recently expanded to include modern fantasy, historical fantasy, Gothic and urban fantasy. Titles for this genre commonly refer to the protagonist or the quest or mention the mythical nature of the story. A fantasy book title generator will usually return results in this manner. Some examples include Song of Ice and Fire and Muse of Nightmares.

Fantasy Book Title Generator

When writing an epic fantasy novel, there is a lot of work to be done regarding names. So how do you come up with those names, especially all those minor characters? Why not check out the Fantasy Book Title Generator to get you started? You give the software interface some parameters about the kind of name you want (consonant-heavy, vowel-heavy, really long names, names with apostrophes, names of Greek origin, names of Latin origin etc.) and let it rip.

3 Steps:
  1. Launch the Fantasy Book Title Generator app
  2. Choose & Select 3 parameters about the kind of name you want
  3. Select & Copy generated fantasy book title to use it

Fantasy Book Title Generator is a mini Ms Excel app, with user-friendly interface

File type: Ms Excel with macros (.xslm)

NB: You must enable macros to use Fantasy Book Title Generator


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